Diversity and Inclusion

At The Christie, we aim to deliver healthcare services that are accessible and inclusive to everyone, in an environment characterised by dignity and mutual respect. 

For patients

This means being able to access the services they need and receive the best care, irrespective of different characteristics or backgrounds, such as gender, race, disability, religion and sexual orientation.

Diversity & inclusion – our facilities for patients

For staff

This means placing great value on the rich diversity and creative potential that people with different backgrounds and abilities bring. Our culture values the contribution of every single person, and is one in which an individual's success depends on personal merit and performance.

Information about our gender pay gap can be found below:

2018 information

2017 information

Our progress

Equality and diversity is an important part of our culture. The reports highlighted below hopefully demonstrate how we’re constantly striving to exceed standards.

To help us keep developing for the benefit of all our patients, visitors, staff and job applicants, we’ve collected and analysed equality information about our patient services and employment activities. 

Patient Services Equality Monitoring Report

Workforce Equality Monitoring Report

We’ve listened to patients, staff and staff side representatives, and used the equality information to develop our equality objectives.

Equality Objectives 2018-19

The NHS Equality Delivery System 2 has been an opportunity to assess our performance of improving equality delivery for our patients and staff.

NHS Equality Delivery System 2 report 2017

The NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard requires NHS organisations to demonstrate progress against a number of indicators of workforce equality. Our report and associated action plan are provided below.

NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard Report