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We’re one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe, and an international leader in cancer research and development. This is where you can start getting to know what it’s like to work here.

Why work with us?

Working at The Christie is a unique and rewarding challenge.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We aim to deliver healthcare services that are accessible and inclusive to everyone

Meet our people

Meet some of the people that help make The Christie the dynamic place it is

Career Opportunities

We always have a range of on-going career opportunities to explore.

Interview Information

We’ve put together this useful information to help you before you start with us

Learning & Development

We’re dedicated to helping all our staff learn new skills and enhance their careers.

You Made a Difference award

Every month we reward someone’s efforts with a You Made A Difference award.

The Christie Commitment

The Christie Commitments includes our principles and behaviours.

Being a volunteer

Volunteers are an important part of The Christie.