Regional Melanoma Patient Case Forum

Tuesday 12th December, 12:00–16:30

Case Study Submission Deadline extended to 12th October!

Novartis in collaboration with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust are supporting a Patient Case Forum in your region, whereby physicians can meet and share their real-life clinical experiences of advanced or metastatic Melanoma by discussing patient case studies through a series of oral presentations.

The meeting will also contain a summary of the Melanoma clinical data presented at European Society for Medical Oncology held in Madrid on 8th-12th September & Society for Melanoma Research held in Brisbane on 18th-21st October.

Approval Code: TMC17-R005L


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3 CPD points have been awarded by the Royal College of Physicians’


Professor Paul Lorigan, Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Christie NHS FT

Dr Ruth Board, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

Dr Avinash Gupta, Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Christie NHS FT

Case Study Categories

To help you decide upon a suitable case, we have developed four categories below that represent a broad range of patient experiences.

In the first instance, we would be grateful if you could review the categories below and develop a case study that falls into one of the following four categories:

1. Adverse events of special interest

Patients who have experienced a drug related adverse event of special interest and the management strategies employed to ameliorate and/or monitor them (e.g. Pyrexia, colitis, neurotoxicity, pneumonitis). Adverse events can be reported via the MHRA. Reporting forms and information can be found at

2. Good prognosis patient

Patients for whom both targeted and immunotherapies are a viable option. How did you decide on the most appropriate strategy and what was the outcome? (e.g., BRAF mutant patient with low burden disease and low/normal LDH, good performance status)

3. Poor prognosis patient

Patients with poor prognosis or for whom few effective options currently exist (e.g., brain metastases, high disease burden, poor performance status

4. Rare melanomas

Patients with rare melanomas for whom making an evidence based clinical decision can be challenging due to limited available data (e.g. Uveal melanomas, mucosal melanoma, V600 D/R/K mutations, desmoplastic melanomas, acral lentiginous melanoma, amelanotic melanoma etc)

For all four categories, we are particularly interested in cases that discuss:

  • Durable response
  • Improvements in patients quality of life
  • Effective side effect strategies
  • Sequencing of treatments

Submitting a Case Study

Expert panel

The submissions will be reviewed by the faculty who will advise which case studies will be developed into an oral presentation.


Succinct Medical Communications and the Christie School of Oncology have been appointed by Novartis to assist with the facilitation of this meeting, including the management of submissions. Physicians will be asked to provide further details in PowerPoint format in English using a case-study template that Succinct will provide to you.

Your commitment

Physicians who submit a case study will be expected to attend the Patient Case Forum, and successful physicians will be asked to present their case study as an oral presentation. Presenters may also need to attend an onside slide preview. Here is a summary of the key deadlines:



Physician case study abstract submissions

 12th October 2017

Feedback on selected case study submissions

19th October 2017

Physicians provide case study presentations

3rd November  2017

Patient Case Forum

12th December 2017

Case Study Submission Deadline

If you are available to take part in this meeting, I would be grateful if you could provide details of your case study using the attached Case Study Submission Form and send this through no later than 12th October 2017.