Vaginal cancer

Vaginal cancer is cancer that starts in the vagina. It is rare but more common in older women.

The vagina is the passage between the uterus and the external female genitals. Cancer that develops in the vagina is vaginal cancer.

Vaginal cancer is very rare. It’s more likely that cancer starts elsewhere and then spreads to the vagina.

If cancer develops outside the vagina on the vulva, this is vulval cancer. Cancer that starts in the cervix (at the bottom of the womb) is cervical cancer. Cancer that starts in the womb is womb (uterus) cancer.

At The Christie, the gynaecological oncology surgical team treat all gynaecological cancers including vaginal cancers.

You can read our guides to radiotherapy for vulval cancer and guides to radiotherapy for gynaecological cancers for more information.