Patient Support Services

Patient Support Services

Art at The Christie

We offer informal, fun, and relaxing art sessions

Cancer information centre

We provide information on all aspects of cancer

Employment support service

After a cancer diagnosis, work is the last thing you want to worry about

Health and Well-being Events

Health and Well-being Events

Read more about our supportive events following the after-effects of cancer care.

Help stopping smoking

Help stopping smoking

Find out about stopping smoking and reducing exposure to passive smoking

Look good...feel better

Advice on skincare, makeup and free beauty products to women undergoing treatment for cancer

Maggie's Centre

The Maggie's Centre provides support for people with cancer and their families and friends

Staying healthy

Staying healthy during and beyond cancer treatment

Support groups

A list of useful contact details and links to cancer support groups

Survivorship courses

Offering survivorship advice for patients treated between the ages of 16 and 24

Wig Fitting

Information about our wig fitting service at The Christie