Patient Satisfaction

Patient Experience and Satisfaction with our Services

At The Christie we are committed to putting patients at the heart of everything we do.   

This is what our patients are saying about us this month:   

I cannot praise too highly the quality of the care I received from all members of the team at the Christie. This was second to none and I would recommend  

This hospital will soon be carrying out two surveys to find out what patients think about their care here. These are part of a national programme to improve patients’ experiences while in hospital. Taking part in the survey is voluntary, and all answers are confidential. If you are selected to take part, your contact details will be used by researchers to carry out the survey. Taking part is voluntary. Your personal information will be handled securely and confidentially and your details will only be used to contact you.

If you do not wish to take part or receive SMS or email reminders of if you have any questions about any surveys, please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0161 446 8217 or

Friends and Family Test

We regularly ask all our patients about their most recent experience at The Christie. This may be by a questionnaire or through a text message. We use the National Friends & Family Test and ask our patients two questions:

Q1. How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family, if they needed similar care or treatment?
Q2. Your comments help us improve services. In your own words, what were the best/worst parts of the service?

96.9% of our patients said they would recommend our service to friends and family, if they needed similar care or treatment.

One Day Every Patient

This is a face to face survey we carry out with our patients twice a year.

  • We identify two specific dates each year when staff interview all patients who are willing, and well enough, to respond to questions about the Quality of Care they received on their most recent experience at The Christie.
  • One Day Every (In) Patient focuses on the experience of the inpatients in our ward areas.
  • One Day Every (Out) Patient focuses on the experience of our patients in the outpatient and day cases treatment areas.

Our Top Scores

For 9 questions we achieved top scores and these were for:

  • Patient having confidence and trust in the nurses treating them
  • Patients being involved in decisions about their care and treatment
  • Patients given privacy when being examined or treated
  • Staff doing everything they could to help control pain
  • Patient being told how they would feel after operation or procedure
  • Explanations about patient would be put to sleep or control their pain
  • Patient not feeling threatened whilst in hospital
  • Involvement in decisions about discharge from hospital
  • Being given enough notice about when they would be discharged

200 Patients a Month Survey

Every month we ask approximately 200 patients from across the hospital to answer questions about their care and treatment. Like the National Inpatient Survey, questions cover the following areas:

200 patients a month survey - latest results

The overall score for March 2016 was 99.5% 17 questions were asked and out of 2622 responses there was dissatisfaction expressed in 13. Actions are taking place to ensure improvements based on your feedback.