Paterson Redevelopment Project

January 2019 – The Christie Strategic Planning Framework Addendum, Paterson Redevelopment Project 

In January 2019, The Christie will consult on a focused Strategic Planning Framework (SPF) for the Paterson building. This includes a public drop-in which will take place on from 2.00pm– 8.00pm on Thursday 10 January at Oak Road Main Entrance, The Christie, Withington. At the drop-in, you will be able to find out more about the draft SPF and provide feedback. 

For further information, please visit our dedicated website The draft SPF Addendum will be available to view on the website from Thursday 10 January and you will be able to provide feedback online. 

December 2018 Paterson redevelopment update

We have recently submitted plans to Manchester City Council for the proposed demolition of the fire damaged Paterson building. You can find more information about the demolition applications below.

Over the past few weeks, we have been preparing for demolition by clearing a small amount of debris from the roof and from inside the building and removing trees and shrubs from outside the building along Wilmslow Road. This activity plays an important part in the necessary preparation works for the proposed demolition to take place. 

The Christie Tree Planting Plan

On Wednesday 19 December, the remaining trees along the front of the fire-damaged Paterson building will be removed. This activity plays an important part in the necessary preparation works for the proposed demolition to take place.

The Christie is committed to replanting as many trees as possible on site and we are currently looking at options of how this could be achieved. As part of this, we are working with a specialist landscape architect to identify appropriate locations for replanting and for free standing planters.

We have a clear focus on making sure that the replacement specimens are of an improved quality to continue our objective of improving tree quality overall within the local area. 

The possible areas for tree planting that we are exploring include:

  • within the landscape area along the northern section of Oak Road close to Palatine Road;
  • within the landscape area at the Oak Road entrance and drop-off;
  • within the landscape areas at the front of the Proton Beam Therapy Centre; and
  • along the Wilmslow Road entrance.

If you are interested in finding out more, we have prepared some plans illustrating our ideas here.

Please provide us with your feedback on the following questions to help us in deciding where the new trees should be located.

  1.  Which of the locations proposed do you support and why?
  2.  What species of tree would you like to see as part of the replacement plans?
  3.  Can you suggest any other areas where you would like to see additional tree planting (either on The Christie Withington site or within the wider Withington area)?


Please send your answers to the Paterson Redevelopment Project team as follows:

Please ensure any feedback is sent to us by Thursday 31st January 2019. An update will be provided early next year.

The information you provide will be used only for the purposes of keeping you informed about ‘The Christie Tree Planting Plan’ and for understanding public opinion on the project. It will be stored securely until completion of the project, after which this information will be deleted. Your information will only be shared with third parties for the express purpose of keeping you informed of the proposals, and with Turley and/or the relevant local authority where there is a legal obligation to do so. It will not be forwarded on to any other third parties. You can contact us at any time to request the deletion of your information. Please contact us at

Next steps

We are currently at an early stage of the Paterson Redevelopment Project and will continue to provide further information as the project progresses. Please see the Current developments page - this is where we will share any minor updates.

Paterson Redevelopment Project – Update

Earlier in 2018, The Christie, The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK, announced plans for the future of the Paterson building site at The Christie on Wilmslow Road.

The ambition for the Paterson Redevelopment Project is to create one of the world’s top five cancer research centres that translates discoveries in the laboratory into improved outcomes for patients around the world. The multi-million pound development will be led by The Christie on behalf of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC), an internationally renowned and hugely successful partnership between The Christie, The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK.

The three project partners are committed to providing regular updates on the project. The following information is provided to inform you about the project’s progress and the current activity happening on site.

What has happened so far?

Over the summer, the following progress has been made on the project:

  • Interserve Construction has been formally appointed as the Principal Supply Chain Partner (PSCP) and at this stage have been instructed to undertake the demolition and design phase of the project
  • The outline Business Case for the Paterson Redevelopment Project has been prepared and approved by the project partners
  • Internal user group and staff meetings have taken place to discuss space requirements for the new building
  • The PSCP are carrying out initial design and technical work to inform the redevelopment of the building.

What is happening now? 

During the coming weeks, you may see some of the following activity taking place on the site:

  • Initial studies of the fire damaged building including dilapidation and elevation studies to inform early stage works to the Paterson building
  • Specialist site surveys including topography surveys and minor excavations to check below ground
  • Scaffolding erected on service roads and within the internal site boundary to enable early works to take place
  • An extension of the temporary hoarding around the site perimeter to make the site fully secure and to enable the early works and surveys to take place
  • New project branding on the hoardings communicating the exciting new future for the site
  • Removal of a small amount of debris from the roof and from inside the building. Any materials removed from site will be via the service road, and without any anticipated disruption to local residents. 

There is no anticipated impact on local residents as a result of these early stages of work. 

Demolition applications submitted for the Paterson building

The Christie has submitted applications to Manchester City Council relating to the proposed demolition of the fire-damaged Paterson building.

The applications include the required permission from Manchester City Council for both demolition and early works as follows:

  • Prior Approval Application - An application for the 'prior approval’ of the proposed method of demolition and the proposed restoration of the site (as required by Part 11, Class B of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015); and
  • Minor Works Planning Application - An application for full planning permission to reinstate elevations on the retained adjacent buildings, to provide replacement temporary fire escape facilities, the formation of temporary vehicular access / egress points onto Wilmslow Road and onto an existing internal access road and to establish a construction compound for the duration of the Demolition Project.

Both applications and associated documents are available to view on the Manchester City Council website - you can view them by searching for the associated application reference number. The application reference numbers are as follows: 

  • Prior Approval Application -121526/DEM/2018
  • Minor Works Planning Application - 121527/FO/2018

Finding out more information

To help our site neighbours, patients, staff and visitors to find out more about the proposed demolition, the project team have provided answers to some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.  This document is available to download here.

A ‘Demolition Method and Environmental Management Plan’, or ‘DMEMP’ has been produced to detail how the process will be sensitively and safely managed. This document has been submitted as part of the Prior Approval Application and is available to view on the planning pages of the Manchester Council website - you can see it by searching for application reference number 121526/DEM/2018.

Why are we demolishing and redeveloping the Paterson building?

Following the devastating fire in April 2017, a review was undertaken to fully assess the damage caused to the building and consider the future of the site. Leaving the Paterson building in its current state is not an option; it costs The Christie significant sums to maintain the fire-damaged building and such was the damage to the building that we had to relocate our staff at various sites across Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

We know that by having doctors, nurses, researchers and scientists all working together in one building accelerates the development of cancer research through to patient care. We need to act quickly to bring our staff back to Withington to enable them to develop new treatments faster, meaning better outcomes for our patients. 

What happens next?

If these applications are successful, we intend for demolition and early works to begin in November 2018. The initial demolition works include erecting fencing and scaffolding, and removing some parts of the building. In early 2019 the demolition of the main structures will take place. Demolition is expected to be completed by May 2019. 

We are currently at an early stage of the Paterson Redevelopment Project and will continue to provide further information as the project progresses.

If you have any queries, please contact the Paterson Redevelopment Project team at: