Current developments and what's coming soon

Keep up-to-date with developments at The Christie and see if any of our works will affect your journey to us.


Paterson redevelopment project

In 2018, The Christie, The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK, announced plans for the Paterson redevelopment project, following the fire at the Paterson building in 2017.

For information relating to the Paterson redevelopment project and associated updates, please visit the dedicated project page here.

You can also find out about the plans for the demolition of the current Paterson site in our demolition overview here.

Oak Road resurfacing 

The footpaths running the full length of Oak Road have now been resurfaced.

The resurfacing of the carriageway will be undertaken after the installation of high voltage cable ducts in the road. This is due to be completed by September 2019.

The current parking restrictions and one-way system will remain in place after September 2019.

Outpatient clinics move

If you previously had outpatient appointments in department 42, these now operate from outpatients A (department 22). The nearest entrance to this is the Palatine Road entrance and there will be signage in place and staff on hand to guide you there. Patients can now self-check-in at screens placed in the outpatients reception lobby. You will also receive a letter containing this information.

New phlebotomy department

Our new phlebotomy department will be opening at the end of May.

The phlebotomy department is where patients will have blood tests. This is currently based in department 42.

The new phlebotomy area will be located in department 35 and will provide seven phlebotomy bays, an ECG room and a dedicated waiting area, offering an improved patient experience.