Current overseas programme

Since 1st April 2008, patients with certain types of cancer have been eligible for NHS funding to receive proton beam therapy.

With no high-energy UK based centre, patients are currently referred to centres abroad.

The overseas referral programme is overseen by NHS England, National Specialised Commissioning Team and a Proton Clinical Reference Panel manages the referral pathway. This panel has the necessary knowledge to approve cases that have been referred for consideration of proton beam therapy; ensuring patients have appropriate and equitable access.

The overseas service currently refers to 3 Proton Beam Therapy Centres:

Which patients go abroad?

The NSCT has prioritised certain types of cancer as being of the highest indication for consideration of referral for proton beam therapy. However, it is important to recognise that an approved diagnosis does not necessarily imply that this is the preferred option. A wide range of factors is taken into account when assessing whether proton beam therapy offers any significant clinical advantage over X-Ray (photon) treatment.