Education and awareness

Society for Melanoma Research Congress 2018 to be held in Manchester

Following a successful bid by Prof Lorigan and Prof Marais to the SMR committee this international meeting will be held in Manchester from October 24th - 28th 2018. This prestigious annual meeting has never been in the UK before but Manchester was chosen as a host because it sets a successful example of collaborative working between clinical and basic research.

This is also means that EORTC Melanoma Group meeting will be held in Manchester in parallel.

Brain Metastasis Study Day 19th June at The Christie

Brain metastasis remains a major problem in melanoma despite the advances in targeted therapy and immunotherapy.  In addition, there are questions around how to combine systemic therapy with stereotactic radiosurgery and emerging data on mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapy and immunotherapy in brain metastasis.  We have a great opportunity in Manchester to make progress in this area because of our range of expertise i.e. neurosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, systemic therapy and basic/translational research.  The purpose of this meeting was to update clinicians on the current developments and draw up some strategies for clinical and research collaboration. 

Melanoma Patient Conference, June 2017

The first conference in the UK developed by and for melanoma patients was held in Bristol in June 2016 and received positive feedback from patients and colleagues alike. The 2nd successful meeting was in Solihull on June 17th 2017, Professor Lorigan was an invited speaker. You can see all the presentations on the Conference website. (Useful links)

Uveal Melanoma National Guidelines launched 13/01/15 - accredited by NICE

The Uveal Melanoma Guideline Development Group was funded by Melanoma Focus (see below) over a three year period. During this time the group of clinical experts and patient representatives reviewed scientific evidence of the this very rare condition to enable them to create a set of treatment guidelines, until now there has been no such guidance. The guidelines have also been accredited by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) giving them official recognition as well as assuring guideline users of the high quality of the information.

Full details about the guidelines can be accessed on the NICE and Melanoma Focus websites via Useful links.

Melanoma Focus

Melanoma Focus was launched in 2012, combining a fundraising charity and the Melanoma Study Group. Melanoma Focus differs from many other medical charities in combining a professional core membership, consisting of melanoma scientists, clinicians and nurses, with a mission to undertake research and education, while providing information at various levels for patients, carers and other healthcare professionals.

Through its website the charity aims to bring together the various sources of online information available in the UK and internationally.

They organise many fund-raising events - for full details please go to the MF fundraising specific website via Useful links.

Prof. Lorigan took up the post of Chairman in 2013, with the support of the previous Chair Professor Jerry Marsden: 'Dr. Lorigan has an outstanding record of national leadership in the field of melanoma, very successfully chairing the NCRI Melanoma Clinical Studies Group from 2006-2012. He is very highly regarded internationally. We could not ask for a better person to lead Melanoma Focus at this critical stage in its evolution.'

News about funding by MF for Patient Impact projects is detailed on the Research News page.

Summaries of Scientific Papers

Recent reports published in scientific journals are 'translated' into non-academic language which can be understood by patients and members of the public, as well as for non-specialist healthcare professionals who need a quick overview of the subject. 

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Related meetings

The Melanoma Focus website has a page detailing forthcoming events.

The Melanoma World Society

The recently formed MWS has made a strong committment to education in their mission statement, go to the site via our Useful links to learn more.