Breast cancer research

Clinical trials are critical to advancing the treatment of breast cancer and providing new treatments which are safe and effective

The Christie breast research team is a well-established part of the research and development division, conducting a wide variety of clinical trials that look at new ways of treating breast cancer. This includes a range of phase 1 to 3 studies, many of which involve new drugs, giving existing treatments in new ways or using new devices to administer treatment. 

The team comprises consultant oncologists, clinical research nurses and clinical trial coordinators who work closely together to identify and deliver care to those patients eligible to take part in clinical trials. Our portfolio gives many patients with all stages of breast cancer the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial, often providing additional treatment options and sometimes allowing access to newer treatments.

We have grown since 2002 to become one of the most successful recruiting teams both nationally and internationally in the field of breast cancer. We have played a major part in many significant clinical trials, the results of which have changed standard clinical practice and lead to the licensing of new drugs such as Herceptin and Kadcyla.

Team objectives

  • To be able to offer a clinical trial to all patients during their breast cancer treatment