Our future overview

We launched our overarching vision for the Trust in 2012 following extensive engagement with our stakeholders. It sets out a clear vision how we will transform cancer treatments and improve outcomes for patients across Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Aligned to the Trust's vision, we developed The Christie Five Year strategic plan (2014-2019). It identifies the steps we will take to move towards this vision within the context of an underlying growth of patient numbers, an increasing patient and commissioner expectation for more local service provision and the increasing complexity and cost of specialist care, all within the anticipated environment of growing pressures on funding.

Our Annual Plan provides a robust analysis of our position, articulating the key areas of focus over the next year and is consistent with our wider strategic plans and commissioners’ strategies. 

Not only do these plans ensure that the patient is at the heart of everything we do, but it demonstrates that the key service developments will be undertaken ensuring that the Trust remains operationally, clinically and financially sustainable.

To enable our team to focus upon improving the experience and outcomes of all our oncology patients, the plans not only define the investment we intend to make into facilities and expertise but also how we wish to work with the health professionals in Manchester and Cheshire to provide a more integrated, caring and personalised experience for our patients.